Healing Starts From The Inside..

Healing starts from the inside..

 The Mermaid's Massage and Healing 


 Welcome to The Mermaid's

 Greetings dear ones, and welcome to my page and  sanctuary, this is a place of physical, mental and spiritual healing for those who seek to elevate their higher self through   holistic and healing massage.  Expect no less from me, expect superior treatment in a very spiritual and loving way. 


The mermaid in me:

``Within me lives a spiritual mermaid, she symbolizes love, femininity, healing,perception, nurture and beauty,the spiritual mermaid dies to self and emerge into a new form with new knowledge and understanding´´


 Miss Mimi,

Born and raised in this beautiful country Panama that is!!, later in 1992 I decided to do something exciting with my life and  join the U.S Army, it was a tough experience but taught me all about discipline and responsibility, however the greatest teacher of all was and still is my wonderful father. He never babysit ted me and  never treated me like a princess..he let me fall and raise..he let me learn from my mistakes...thanks to him and my mother (R.I.P) I am who I am today..some teachers are just tougher than others. 


I believe with all my heart, the Universe has granted me a gift .. It is my mission to help those in need of physical and emotional healing and as a  Massage Therapist and spiritual healer  I am aware of the many issues as humans we are faced on a daily basis,  that is why this center was created for...to heal the mind, body and soul.


My background and beginnings


Started working as a Chiropractor Assistant in Los Angeles, CA for my wonderful friend and mentor Dr. Ted E. Marriott. DC, http://www.cityhero.com/listing_reports.php?report=website&id=273308 which gave me the opportunity to  realize that I was meant to help people.

I worked with Dr. Marriott for 3 years. Also worked as an independent Massage Therapist in Panama city.

In 2010, I was hired by Islas Secas Resort to work as a Massage Therapist/Spa Therapist, besides being a water sports host.

I am a self-taught Massage Therapist with a background in Chiropractic Assistance.

I also offer my services as an Energy Therapist Healer, I do this by aligning your energy centers better known as CHAKRAS.

Our bodies are composed of a physical and etheric bodies among others However these two have mayor impacts on our daily activities and lives. By keeping our Wheels or Chakras clean and balanced, we lead healthier lifestyles and healthier minds.

In my therapies I use chakra balancing stones and my pendulum for better alignment and proper functioning the Chakras.


If you feel out of balance, constantly ill or depressed, this is mostly due to imbalances in your '' ENERGY FIELD''

Please e-mail me or call me if you have more questions regarding this subject.





Blessings and Much Love ..


Mimi Stewart/Owner


Cell:  6-034- 9842(Whatsap)